Customer Service Request

Please fill out the following Service Request Form and submit.
Please call (780) 482-1231 to make an appointment to bring in your item for service.
Service Request
By submitting this request for services, I agree to the following conditions:

1. To backup all contents on your computer before submitting it for service.

2. You agree to indemnify Rising Sun Technologies, also dbs Laptop Guru of any loss of data

3. In the event of substantive damages to your computer that prevents normal startup, or function of the operating system, Laptop Guru may choose to overwrite all existing content in your computer by formatting and installing the computer’s operating system, which will result in complete loss of data, applications and all original settings.

4. You agree to allow Rising Sun Technology reasonable time to source a replacement part, or software. In the event of delay due to unforeseen incidents beyond our control, delivery time of such part, or software may take longer.

We will email you a copy of Service Request form, complete with the information you entered above. Please print this form and bring it to our store with you to pick up your device.