Laptop, Tablet & Desktop Computer Rental

When You Are Managing An Event, We Ensure The Event Is Your Priority. Our Laptops Will Simply Be Tools For Crafting Your Event Successfully.

We provide name brand laptops with specific configuration that meets your need.

At Laptop Guru, you will get your choice configuration with full tech support so that you can deploy
the laptop at your event unencumbered.

We Customize Your Choice Laptop

We will meet your needs for choice CPU power, More RAM, Graphics Processing Power, Choice Screen Type/Size, High Speed large/small capacity storage, all provided with choice operating system (Windows 10/11, or older, Mac OS). You also get productivity software (choice of browser app, document reader, media player, media viewer, online meeting software, antivirus.. and more). All installed standard on our laptops.

Carry On Bags

We offer laptop bags with laptop to provide safe and convenient storage of accessories, documents and transportation of laptops.


We can quickly build a temporary LAN in your premise if you wish to manage your event in a secure and shared manner. We will help you capture, save and backup data, share it across platform, and provide secure and authorized access to the LAN. We will setup the sharing of peripherals such as Printers, Scanners and other peripherals. When your event is completed, you will have a full record of IT activities within the LAN environment.


We can deliver your rental quickly throughout Alberta.

Tech Support On Demand

Ensures that equipment failure does not get in the way of successfully running your event. We will
troubleshoot, or replace rented equipment with speed and convenience.

Our intent is not make our laptops events, but provide you tools to successfully run your event. We
continue to help our customers with running events such as conferences, trade shows and expos.

Contact us to discuss your needs for short and long term requirements.


We Will Respond quickly.