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Device Repair Terms and Conditions Agreement. 1‐ By Accepting service ‐ you are acknowledging that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and agree to all these terms below. YOU AGREE TO THESE REPAIR TERMS AND ALL APPLICABLE SERVICE AND DIAGNOTIC FEES. You have requested service from LAPTOP GURU hereafter referred to as ?Service Request? will diagnose and service your device for an applicable fee as described in Paragraph 3 below. 3‐ Services and Diagnostic Fee ‐ LAPTOP GURU will attempt to determine, diagnose and repair your device for an applicable fee. Sometimes a successful repair is not possible due to problems with your device or its configuration. In these situations we may be unable to complete the necessary services or resolve the problem to complete the repair of your device and/or digital technology. In these cases LAPTOP GURU is not liable for incomplete repairs and applicable services and diagnostic fees will remain due to LAPTOP GURU .